Looking for a leadership coach who can help you achieve? Look no further!

Looking for a leadership coach who can help you achieve? Look no further!

Looking for a leadership coach who can help you achieve? Look no further!Looking for a leadership coach who can help you achieve? Look no further!Looking for a leadership coach who can help you achieve? Look no further!

Why am I passionate about your success?


Master Practitioner ELI

As a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, I have the advanced tools that can assess your level of Leadership Energy and your Life Satisfaction.  From there, I will be your energy block-busting partner, helping you bust through whatever may be holding you back from your feelings of deep satisfaction in both your career and personal life.  

After 33 years in the laboratory profession, the most recent 23 in leadership, I have either been in your shoes or understand the size you wear.  I am a highly engaged leader, committed to serving others and always looking for opportunities of personal and professional growth.  I love connecting with others to collaborate on best outcomes!  In my role as President of the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA), I had the amazing privilege of influencing the growth and success of a robust international organization and enjoyed the opportunity of traveling the US meeting laboratory professionals in all types of settings.  I learned what you need to feel successful in your lives and your career.  I also have the privilege of sitting on the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC), Board of Governors, serve on the BOC Executive committee, and am the board liaison to the Diplomate in Laboratory Management (DLM) exam.  My current role as a Lab Manager within the Saint Luke's 10-hospital system, allows me to work with some of the most respected leaders in the healthcare industry and has brought me back home to the Kansas City area where I am happily reconnecting with my siblings and extended family.  Now, as the immediate past president of CLMA, I continue my passion as a well-respected public speaker specializing on the "soft" but hard skills of laboratory management, leadership, and how to increase employee engagement and build effective teams.

Below are some of the questions and comments I heard during my travels talking to laboratory professionals, just like you.....

"Is this all there is?"

Do you feel like your life is just going through the motions, void of excitement, purpose, and meaning?  Maybe you once loved laboratory medicine but the stress of doing more with less has you burned out, doing your best but best is just not good enough.  Together we can find out what you need to regain your passion so that, once again, you can feel excited, fulfilled, and unstoppable.

"What's next?"

Are you ready for that leap into leadership but don't know where to start?  How do you get noticed for that next promotion?  Or maybe you are already there but need some help ensuring your success in that new role.  I have the leadership skills and tips that they do not teach in Med Tech school.

"How can I retire? Who's going to take my place?"

Succession planning can be one of the biggest stressors in anyone's career.  Who has time to train and where to begin?  The ending of one chapter and the beginning of another can often bring along uncertainty and anxiety.  I am here to help you map out a plan, not only on how you can identify your next great leader, but  so you can also walk away satisfied and ready to reach your wildest retirement dreams.

"I need some help with my team."

Know what your team is lacking but not sure where to start?  Maybe it is building trust, improving communication skills, or you need to reinforce just plain commitment and accountability.  These are all team educational workshops I have available.  Let me help you improve team outcomes and employee engagement.

Let's do this!

Hiring a personal coach is more affordable than you may think and it is absolutely invaluable in helping you get unstuck, prepared, and ready to reach your wildest dreams!

Client Testimonials

“The lab leader coaching course is more than I could have ever imagined! I decided to take this course when I found myself struggling with confidence in my new leadership role. During the course I was evaluated and placed with a group that helped me build confidence in engaging conversation. I have developed the ability to present the true professional me without personal insecurities getting in the way. The Lab Leader Coach will boost your confidence and help you gain exceptional insights to what it means to be a valuable leader.” ~ Jessica K., Lead Phlebotomist

“I highly recommend Patty’s leadership videos, I think I have watched them all! Patty knows her stuff and breaks the information down into digestible parts. It’s refreshing to hear a professional share information that is clear and relevant to today’s leadership expectations.” ~ Becky A., Business Owner

“Patty has helped me to look at life from an entirely different perspective. When we first met, I was immediately uplifted and inspired. I wanted to be better at life. During the course, I have learned to focus on what I truly value and how to gain confidence in areas I lack. I have also been able to understand the things that affect my energy levels and how to effectively respond without conflict. What I love most about the coaching is that I am not being judged or tested. She helped me to visualize the me I thought was unattainable and provided me with tools to attain that vision. Through this life-changing experience, I have been deeply challenged but the reward of life-long confidence and self-understanding is undeniably priceless.” ~ Latesha T., Lab Assistant

“The Laboratory Leader Master’s Class has been awesome! Not only did I learn everyday leadership skills, but I also learned more about myself on a personal level. Patty is very knowledgeable and engaging. I like how relatable she is with sharing her real-world examples/stories. I recommend this on-line class to anyone who wants to learn new ideas and perspectives that go along with being a leader!” ~ Ashley B., MLS Laboratory Clinical Coordinator

“I highly recommend this Laboratory Leadership class to anyone interested in learning about their strengths and weaknesses as it has had a positive impact on my personal relationships. I have improved my ability to communicate with my family and my coworkers. Patty is very knowledgeable about laboratory leadership and generously offers her expertise as she guides the class through the objectives.” ~ S.W.,MLS